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AAO Data Central (ADC) forms the Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT) Node of the All-Sky Virtual Observatory (ASVO). ADC is developing an archive infrastructure and interface that is extensible and scalable, designed to meet the current and future needs of the Australian astronomical community. This will be demonstrated by the deployment of two exemplar datasets (SAMI and GAMA survey data) that span the range of capabilities to be provided. The extensibility requirement ensures that, at the conclusion of the Project, the AAO is capable of ingestion and deployment of all AAT surveys of major national significance through the AAT Node. The node includes the requirement to be interoperable with the other ASVO nodes and compliant with IVOA protocols.


Data Central is currently supported by Macquarie University and AAL. AAO Data Central was seed funded through a funding agreement between the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (DoIIS) and Astronomy Australia Limited (AAL). Additional funding has also been previously been awarded from NeCTAR and AAL.


Meet the people responsible for Data Central

Dr Katrina Sealey

Head of Data Central

Katrina manages the ADC project. She handles the AAL progress reports, manages the budget, runs the sprints and meetings, and ensures the team meets the milestones!

Dr Simon O'Toole

Project Scientist

Simon coordinates the project technical design, from the Data Model to the User Authentication layer. He manages the server and the data, and solves the tricky technical issues that the node faces!

Professor Andrew Hopkins

Project Sponsor

Andrew successfully obtained the seed funding for Data Central. He defined key requirements, capabilities, and identified the initial exemplar datasets for deployment and testing.

Dr Liz Mannering

Development Lead

Liz designs the web front-end, RESTful API, data ingestion and data access layers of Data Central. Liz liases with research teams to facilitate new datasets and services, and also works on our ecosystem of support tools. Liz has expertise in UX/UI and combining functionality with usability through a user-centric design approach.

Mr Lloyd Harischandra

Infrastructure Lead

Lloyd designs the backend database architecture determining the solutions for ingesting and querying data. He configures and manages the database cluster (we call it the data lake!) and does benchmarking on the node configuration against current popular database technologies as required. He also writes backend software code to ingest and query data in and out of the data lake.

Mr James Tocknell

Software Engineer

James designs new tools to accelerate research, whether it be to manage teams or visualise spectra.

Dr Brent Miszalski

Software Engineer

Brent designs new automated reduction pipelines for the AAT. He also develops new services to increase our IVOA interoperability.

Dr Nuwanthika Fernando

Software Engineer/Astrophysicist

Nuwanthika joined the Data Central team in March 2018 and has been working on the AAT archival data from dating back to 2005. Nuwanthika’s background is computational astrophysics.

Mr Minh Vuong

Software Engineer

Minh works on IVOA services development and integration with Apache Spark (ADQL query on Spark SQL).

Dr Andy Green

Astrophysicist/Software Engineer

Andy connects the project to the astronomers and their research needs. He developed the data access layer that provides the underlying data to the API in a scientifically meaningful way. Andy also provides advice and support as necessary in the development of the data storage and user interface layers.

Dr Aina Musaeva

Software Engineer

Aina has joined the Data Central team in March 2017 and has been working on the AAT archival data from dating back to 2005. Aina’s background is a mixture of web application development and high energy black hole astrophysics.

Nataliea Lowson

Video Creator

Dr Vlad Tudor

Software Engineer