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AAT Archive Search

Search and download data from the AAT Archive.

did you know Since 2005, 28 million spectra have been taken with the AAT.

AAT Archive

Search the AAT Archive for observations by RA+Dec, instrument, feed, observer or between two dates back to early operations in 1997.

Search the archive by program ID e.g., A/2018B/01

Right Ascension. Format is as: 10.2345d (degrees with 'd' abbreviation for degrees) or 1:2:30.43d (sexagesimal degrees). See the docs for other supported formats.

Declination. Format is as: -0.2716d (degrees with 'd' abbreviation for degrees) or -0d16m17.6s (degree arcmin arcsec). See the docs for other supported formats.

Minimum value = 5", maximum value = 3600". Warning values above 300" will take some time.

Specify a coordinate frame

If FK4/FK5, choose an equinox

Select at least one instrument to query on.

Enter a date after 27 April 1974 in the format yyyy-mm-dd e.g., 2015-03-12

Enter a date (after the start date) in the format yyyy-mm-dd e.g., 2015-03-13

RUN: show only RUN-type AATIDs in the results table. You will be able to download (automatically-gathered) calibration files from this view. CALIB: show DARK, ARC, FLAT, SKY, BIAS, DFLAT, SFLAT-type AATIDs in the results table. You will be able to select individual calibration files for download (but no RUN files will be present). If you are unsure, select the default (RUN)

Using the AAT Archive


The AAT Archive is an ongoing service to provide online access to the data observed to date on the Anglo-Australian Telescope (archives for the TAIPAN instrument on UK Schmidt telscope and the Huntsman telescope are in-progress).

An 18 month proprietary period is in force. Data less than 18 months old can only be distributed to a member of the observing team. Contact us if you are a member of the observing team and would like to retrieve proprietary data.
Speeding up your search

By default, all [topend]+instrument combinations are selected. Filtering by a specific instrument can significantly improve the query time. Adding a date range filter can also improve the query time.

Filtering by Observer

If you are filtering by observer, but aren't retrieving the correct results (e.g., missing rows), try removing the observer filter and instead add a date range. The AAT archive database OBSERVER field is inconsistent and you may be unable to recover the rows otherwise.

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