SAMI Data Release 1.0

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Principal Investigator for the SAMI survey. Data Release Number. The total number of objects in this data release. The Schema Browser describes the SAMI survey data products.

Figure 1: The star formation rate-stellar mass relation for SAMI galaxies. Each individual galaxy displays the NII/Halpha line ratio map.

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The SAMI Galaxy Survey began in March 2013, with the intention of creating a large survey of ~3400 galaxies across a large range of environments. The key science goals of the SAMI Survey are to answer the following questions:

  • What is the physical role of environment in galaxy evolution?
  • What is the relationship between stellar mass growth and angular momentum development in galaxies?
  • How does gas get into and out of galaxies, and how does this drive star formation?

The data for the SAMI Galaxy Observatory is being collected using SAMI, the Sydney-Australian-Astronomical-Observatory Multi-object Integral-Field Spectrograph. SAMI is a brand new instrument on the 4-meter Anglo-Australian Telescope at Siding Spring Observatory. Integral-field spectroscopy (IFS) allows a unique view of how stars and gas zoom around inside distant galaxies because we collect dozens of spectra across the entire face of each galaxy.

Data Release 1

Galaxies included in the SAMI DR1 are drawn from all galaxies observed in the GAMA regions as of June, 2015 (AAT semesters 2013A to 2015A) meeting the survey quality control requirement: 772 individual galaxies. For more details on SAMI DR1 please see Green et al. (2017) as well as the SAMI documentation pages.

Data Access

You have two options to browse the catalogue. If you are interested in a single object, click the ID in the table. If you want to download data products for multiple objects, select your targets using the table filters, and then choose the products to download.

For detailed descriptions of a particular data product, visit the SAMI Documentation, or for in depth information/meta-data pertaining to a particular data product, view the SAMI Schema Browser.

To access data via a command line interface, read the documentation on bulk data download.

Table filter functionality is in beta. If you spot an error, please report a bug.

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In order to download data products you must first use the table above to create a sample of SAMI objects. Click a table row to select an object, or use the filters to search for rows that match a set of criteria.

Select data products to be downloaded using the checkboxes. The default branch and version is shown, you can choose a specific branch and version using the dropdown menus for each product. For information on the LZIFU branches please see this link. For a technical overview of branches in the ADC framework, view the documentation.


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Balmer Extinction Map Map of $H\alpha$ attenuation correction factor based on the Balmer decrement view schema
Balmer Extinction Map   
Line Emission Map Emission line flux map from a single Gaussian fit. view schema
[NII] (6583Å)   
[OI] (6300Å)   
[OII] (3726Å+3729Å)   
[OIII] (5007Å)   
[SII] (6716Å)   
[SII] (6731Å)   
Star Formation Rate Map Map of star formation rate based on one-component Hα emission line fits. view schema
Star Formation Rate Map   
Spectral Cube Fully reduced and flux calibrated SAMI cubes view schema
Spectral Fit Cube Model spectral cube incorporating stellar continuum and emission line fits for direct comparison to observed spectral cubes view schema
Star Formation Mask Classification of emission in each spaxel as pure star formation (mask=1) or as contaminated by other ionisation mechanisms (mask=0). view schema
Star Formation Mask   
Velocity Dispersion Map Line-of-sight velocity dispersion map of ionized gas fit with a single Gaussian component view schema
Ionized Gas   
Velocity Map Line-of-sight velocity map of ionized gas fit with a single Gaussian component view schema
Ionized Gas   

Data product download functionality is in beta. If you spot an error, please report a bug. If you are unable to download products using this table, all data can be downloaded directly from ADC using the rsync or wget commands. For more information, read the documentation on bulk data downloads.