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Cone Search

Search for sources within a specified radius of a sky position

Conduct a cone search of a specified radius around a set of coordinates, returning up to 5000 records of astronomical sources from the Data Central Archive.

Right Ascension. Format is as: 10.2345d (degrees with 'd' abbreviation for degrees) or 1:2:30.43d (sexagesimal degrees). See the docs for other supported formats.

Declination. Format is as: 0.93489316d (degrees with 'd' abbreviation for degrees) or -0d16m17.6s (degree arcmin arcsec). See the docs for other supported formats.

Specify the frame of the coordinates

Valid values are b1950 and j2000 (default)

Minimum value = 5", maximum value = 3600". Warning values above 300" will take some time.

Data set(s) to search.

Also include results from remote ASVO services. Max 3 services

View an image of the field?

Using the Cone Search

The cone search service supports a wide variety of input formats for coordinates:

  • degrees (10.2345d)
  • sexagesimal degrees (1:2:30.43d)
  • sexagesimal hours (1 2 0 hours)
  • degree, arcmin, and arcsec (1d2m3.4s)
  • hour, minute, second (-1h2m3s)

If you are unsure of the position of a source, use the name resolver to find its coordinates. If you know the survey-ids of the objects you're interested in, and wish to download multiple data products, try the Download service.

Don't forget to include the string format identifier, e.g., for coordinates in degrees, append 'd':

See a list of astropy's angle documentation for a list of all possible formats.

The cone search uses the following tables to query positions for each survey. Find more information on each in the schema browser.

Survey, Data Release Group Table
2dFGRS Final Data Release Definitive phot_all
DEVILS Data Release 0 InputCat DObjCat
GALAH Data Release 1 Objects Catalogue
GALAH Data Release 2 paramabund galahdr2cat
GAMA Data Release 2 InputCat TilingCat
OzDES Data Release 1 Objects Catalogue
RAVE Data Release 5 Main RAVE
S7 Data Release 2 tables catalog
SAMI Data Release 1 InputCat InputCatalog
SAMI Data Release 2 Other DR2Sample


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