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Data Central provides access to a wealth of survey data products, from catalogues to data cubes.
Use the services below to retrieve and explore data products, or view the documentation for help on usage.

Service Status

Submit a ADQL/SQL query to the Data Central database server, returning records that match some criteria from the GAMA, SAMI and GALAH catalogues. View the top results, and download in csv, ascii, VOTable, LaTeX, and fits table format.

The cutout service is a multi-band image cutout routine for all imaging data (GAMA PDR, DEVILS D0) hosted at Data Central. Generate single band or rgb images, overplot contours, customize plotting options and download pngs/fits for multiple sources/positions.

Explore all data products for an astronomical object across multiple surveys hosted at Data Central.

Search for astronomical objects by their survey-team supplied name. Package data products for download, optionally filtering by type.

The Schema Browser displays an extensive explanation of each type of data product each survey/archive offers, along with any relevant analysis and publication information (see also individual survey documentation for more info). For more information on the schema browser, go to the Schema Browser Documentation. For more information on the data products within the schema browser, go to the team's documentation on Data Central (the link for each survey can be found in the Meta box below).


The API provides a simple RESTful interface with lightweight JSON-formatted responses to Data Central's many features, including queries, data retrieval, profile management, authentication and support. Users are able to access public data via the API in JSON and html, and where available, fits, csv, ascii, VOTable, LaTeX and png. Using session or token authentication, users are able execute services, and both read and write private data (e.g., query history).


Data Central supports the Virtual Observatory! You can use our TAP, SCS, SIA and SSA endpoints with your favourite VO-compliant tool, such as TOPCAT, Aladin or pyvo!.

Spectral Viewer

Explore and download spectra for a particular astronomical object or list of astronomical objects from the database.

Coming soon
IFS Explorer

Explore and download 3D data cubes for a particular source in the database.

Coming soon
Query Builder

The Query Builder allows you to construct complicated queries on the database with ease, without writing any code. It writes the SQL for you, reducing the time spent writing out code and navigating obtuse SQL errors, and more time accessing and exploring the data.

Coming soon
Can't see the service you need? Request a new feature (or vote on existing features) here.