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A multi-band cutout routine for Data Central objects

New 28 GAMA PDR swarps ingested.
New 32 DEVILS DR0 swarps ingested.

Image Cutout

The cutout service is a multi-band image cutout routine for all imaging data (GAMA) hosted at Data Central. Generate single band or rgb images, overplot contours, customize plotting options and download pngs/fits for multiple sources/positions.

Submit either source list / RA and Dec / uploaded file

Enter a source name or list of names (separated by a comma). Source names must be prepended by the survey_datarelease prefix, e.g., gama_dr2_202627

Right Ascension. Format is as: 10.2345d (degrees with 'd' abbreviation for degrees) or 1:2:30.43d (sexagesimal degrees). See the docs for other supported formats.

Declination. Format is as: -0.2716d (degrees with 'd' abbreviation for degrees) or -0d16m17.6s (degree arcmin arcsec). See the docs for other supported formats.

Upload a file containing one (source names) or two (ra, dec) columns (comma-separated), as per the format in the fields above. Accepted file formats: .ascii, .txt, .text. Max file length: 2000 rows.

If RA, Dec or an uploaded list of RA, Dec has been provided, specify the frame of the coordinates. Note, this is ignored if you have supplied a source list.

If RA, Dec or an uploaded list of RA, Dec has been provided, specify the equinox of the coordinates. Valid values are b1950 and j2000 (default)

Minimum value = 5", maximum value = 600". Warning values above 300" will take some time.

Make single-band (greyscale) images for the source list/positions.

If greyscale is yes, specify the bands to cut out. To select multiple bands, hold down cmd (⌘) or ctrl and click. To select a block of bands, click one band, hold shift and click another band.

Make three-colour (rgb) images for the source list/positions.

If greyscale is yes, choose the scaling to apply to the image.

If greyscale is yes, the low limit to clip the data at. Min 0.0, must be less than hicut.

If greyscale is yes, the high limit to clip the data at. Max 1.0, must be greater than locut.

A number to multiply the data by before applying the scaling.

Basic = x/y axes drawn. None = no axes drawn.

Select the colour map to display the image.

Invert the colour map.

Overlay the contoured data of a specified band.

Specify a hex colour

Specify the contour levels (separated by a comma).

Include (auto-generated) titles on output plots displaying source ID and band(s).

Overlay central (source) position.

Overlay coordinate grid

Overlay source positions from selected catalogues. To select multiple catalogues; mac users hold down command (⌘) and click, windows/linux users hold down ctrl and click.

Overlay survey ID from relevant survey (displays only if plot source positions has a value).

Add legend (displays only if plot source positions has a value). Warning, for large radii and dense fields, this can take some time.

Choose the axes units

Also generate fits files for download.

Add this request to the queue. Data Central will process your request in the background and send an email (if provided) when the request is complete.

If run_async is checked, receive an email when the request is complete. If this is left blank you will need to make a note of the request id manually.

Submit or Queue?
Checking the Add to the queue* checkbox above will add your request to the queue to be processed. You will receive an email when your request is complete. Typically, quick-look requests can be run instantly (leave the checkbox unchecked), but for larger requests (~10+ sources, 6+ bands, contouring) we recommend sending it to the queue! You can read more in the cutout documentation.

Using the Cutout

When constructing list of sources to cutout, it is important to adopt the correct syntax. Sources are addressed in the form: SURVEY_DATARELEASE_SOURCENAME with an underscore (_) as the delimiter.

For example, GAMA source 202627 as catalogued in the second data release is addressed as: gama_dr2_202627 not G202627 g202627 202627

The cutout currently hosts data for GAMA G09, G12, G15 and G23 and DEVILS D10 (see the GAMA and DEVILS documentation for the corresponding region centers).

The cutout uses the following tables to look up identifiers for a particular survey. Find more information in the schema browser.

Survey, Data Release Prefix Group Table
S7 Data Release 2 s7_dr2 tables catalog
GAMA Data Release 2 gama_dr2 InputCat InputCatA
SAMI Data Release 1 sami_dr1 InputCat InputCatalog
SAMI Data Release 2 sami_dr2 other DR2Sample
GALAH Data Release 1 galah_dr1 Objects Catalogue
GALAH Data Release 2 galah_dr2 paramabund galahdr2cat
OzDES Data Release 1 ozdes_dr1 Objects Catalogue
DEVILS Data Release 0 devils_dr0 InputCat DObjCat

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