Single Object Viewer

Explore data products associated with astronomical objects.

New SAMI DR2, SAMI DR1 available
Single Object Viewer
The Single Object Viewer provides access to all data products released for a particular survey + data release.
Start typing to see available objects (min 3 characters).
Using the SOV
Start typing in the search box (minimum three characters) to browse and download data products for a single source. There are currently 1559 sources available in the Single Object Viewer from the following surveys:
  • SAMI Data Release 2

New features will be released for the SOV in the coming months:

  • Image cutout New
  • Catalogue Properties In Progress
  • 2D Map visualizer In Progress
  • Spectrum viewer Coming Soon
If you wish to download multiple data products for multiple sources (e.g., Hβ 1-component Line Emission Maps for all sources in SAMI DR2), use the AstroObject Search.